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Metro Deportivo Oceanía

Metro Deportivo Oceanía is an important station on Metro Line B in the City’s northeast. It serves the entire Aragón area in Gustavo A. Madero with the original settlement of Pueblo San Juan de Aragón just about directly north of the station.

To the south, of course, is the Deportivo Oceanía sports and recreation complex. The station logo refers to the facility rather explicitly. A major sports center for this part of the City, it’s especially for organized sports for kids and adults. The lone jogger is not unheard of, but residents of the area get together for regular football and baseball matches, Tae Kwon Do, volleyball, and swimming. The swimming  hall is among the best in the City’s northeast.

Rehabilitated in 2017, the semi-Olympic swimming pool is 50 meters long and 25 meters wide. It was re-roofed with a new design during that renovation. That renovation also included a new gym that today hosts zumba, karate, and general physical conditioning.

The station serves, especially, residents of San Juan de Aragón II and III to the north of the station. Pensador Mexicano is the neighborhood of the sports complex and a residential area to the southwest in Venustiano Carranza. To the southeast is the Peñon de los Baños neighborhood to the southeast. The station has been operating since 1999.

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