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Metro Oceania

metro oceaniaMetro Oceania is an important transfer station between lines 5 and B, in Mexico City’s northeast. The station has a notable appearance. Especially for drivers it looks like a bit like an alien has landed on the Circuito Interior highway.

  • The “Pensador Mexicano” was a radical and important newspaper published only briefly between 1812 and 1813. The name came to be the pen-name of José Joaquín Fernández de Lizardi. His publishing activity, especially against the Inquisition in Mexico, is thought to have bolstered the movement for an Independent Mexico.
  • This Metro station serves the Pensador Mexicano neighborhood in Venustiano Carranza as well as those to the north in Gustavo A. Madero.
  • The station is just south of the important San Juan de Aragón area, including the Bosque de Aragón park and Zoo.

For most international visitors, the station is especially important for transferring for the 5-train to the airport. The Peñon de los Baños mountain is visible to the south from the B-Line Ciudad Azteca-bound platforms. (There’s a spinning radar tower on top.)

The Line 5 station platforms opened in 1981. Those on Line B began service in 1999. The station regularly sees about 8,000 passengers daily.

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