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Mercado No. 185 Pueblo San Juan de Aragón

The Mercado No. 185 Pueblo San Juan de Aragón is the main town market for the original settlement of San Juan de Aragón. This market is among the best known because it’s just south of the town center. An excellent stop for lunch, it’s been renovated and a new façade was added, in just the past few years.

This market is one of several good public markets in the Aragón area. Divided into sections, most of the surrounding neighborhoods have their own public markets. This one bears the distinction of being connected with some of the oldest areas of the town.

For international visitors, it’s a colorful place to stop. It’s also a good place for “real Mexican food.” This can be important for travelers gorging on too many street tacos, and similar heavier fare. Among the merchants are a good handful of traditional eateries that offer sit-down service and ready cooked meals.

While the pueblo probably won’t be swarmed with tourists, it’s still a pleasant town square and church. Metrobús Line 6 makes it easy to get in and out. And after a day at the zoo or the Bosque de Aragón, it’s always a pleasant place to find oneself.

How to get here
  • Eje 5 Norte Calz. San Juan de Aragón 185, Pbo San Juan de Aragón, Alc. Gustavo A. Madero, 07950 CDMX


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