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Mexico City LDS Temple and Museum


The Mexico City LDS Temple is one of the most important Mormon temples in Mexico. Built in 1983, the façade was inspired by Maya architecture with other references to ancient decorative motifs. With an active community in Mexico City, the temple also hosts a museum that documents some of the church’s history in Mexico and in Mexico City. Guided tours.


How to get here
  • Avenida 510 #90 Col. San Juan de Aragon, Gustavo A. Madero 07950 CDMX
  • 55 5003 3700


Pueblo San Juan de Aragón

Nearest at 0.46 kms.

San Juan Crisóstomo, Aragón

Nearest at 0.46 kms.


Nuestra Señora de la Luz

A very old church calls to mind the long history of the Villa Guadalupe Hidalgo . . .

Parque Tepeyac Shopping Center

One of Mexico City's biggest shopping malls is pet friendly, too . . .

Mercado San Juan de Aragón IV & V

A market just south of the Bosque de Aragón Metro station. . .

San Juan Crisóstomo, Aragón

The town church of the Pueblo de San Juan de Aragón...

Mercado No. 185 Pueblo San Juan de Aragón

The central town market for the original settlement of San Juan de Aragón.

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