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Parque Tepeyac Shopping Center


Tepeyac Park is a giant shopping mall that opened in 2022. The size, rather than just another example of megalomania, is the result of the 2020-21 COVID epidemic. All public spaces were designed for better ventilation and more public space. It’s so big, in fact, there’s even space for pets.

One of very few dog-friendly shopping centers in Mexico City, this one still lets individual merchants determine if you can bring your pet inside. There are plenty who will. The complex is home to some 250 individual stoes. These are anchored by a giant Sears, and a big Liverpool, too. The Walmart is merely a Walmart Express. There’s a Cinépolis multi-screen cinema. And plans call for the opening of the biggest aquarium in Latin America. To date, it hasn’t opened yet, though plans include local scientific support for that part of the project.

The Monument Legend

Even at less than a year old, the mall has reached legendary status. Viral online videos speculate that a sculpture on the upper level of the mall is a monument to construction workers killed during building, or worse, local kids who died on the site. Mysteriously, the sculpture of three figures seems to multiply, with no advance notice, to number some five figures. These three to five figures are based on the 1932 photo “Lunch atop a Skyscraper” taken during the construction of the RCA building in New York City. Here they’re high above one of the multiple shopping arcades. Management have quietly pointed out that the work derives from the old ironworkers photo, but perhaps they’re also enjoying the free publicity.

At 70,000 square meters, it’s easily the biggest shopping center in the area. The developers, Fibra Danhos, also manage Parque Delta, Parque Lindavista, Parque Tezontle, Las Antenas, and Vía Vallejo.

The journey from Metro Martín Carrera takes about 15 minutes, walking. Taxis are available just outside the station. The Metrobús station Río de Guadalupe, on Line 5, is directly outside the shopping center.

How to get here
  • Av. Ing. Eduardo Molina 6730, Granjas Modernas, Gustavo A. Madero, 07460 Ciudad de México, CDMX


Metro Martín Carrera

Nearest at 0.89 kms.

Metro Talismán

Nearest at 1.09 kms.

Mercado Martín Carrera

Nearest at 1.23 kms.


Nearest at 3.8 kms.

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Las Alitas

Nearest at 4.9 kms.

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