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Metro Ciudad Azteca

Metro Ciudad Azteca is the terminal station on Metro Line B. It’s far outside the Mexico City limits in Ecatepec, one of the most densely populated municipalities anywhere in the country.

The station is named for the Ciudad Azteca neighborhood, one of 99 in Ecatepec. Ciudad Azteca is divided into three sections on all sides of the station.

For lots of commuters, the neighborhood has come to be symbolized by the giant transit multi-modal station. The Terminal Multimodal Azteca Bicentenario opened in 2009 based on a design by architects Manuel Cervantes Céspedes and Carlos Rodríguez. It includes a shopping center, and access to many intercity and regional bus-lines. Most importantly, it’s the terminal station for Line One of the Mexibús system that connects commuters with the farthest reaches of the metropolitan area.

When one reaches Ciudad Azteca on the Metro, one has only covered roughly the first third of Ecatepec. It continues well into the distance to the north of the station. In fact, Ecatepec was an important point for commercial control during the Triple Alliance period. And although the municipality dates from 1874, the city we see today really began to grow 100 years later. Since the 1970s, it’s grown into the third most populous municipality in Mexico.

How to get here
  • Av. Central Carlos Hank González, Col. Ciudad Azteca, 3ra sección, Mpo Ecatepec de Morelos, 55120 EdoMex


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