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Centro Artesanal Garibaldi

The Centro Artesanal Garibaldi is among the many attractions on or just off of the Plaza Garibaldi between the City Center and La Lagunilla. While most visitors will arrive to Garibaldi for the endless mariachi music, there’s also a long tradition of handcraft, artisan goods, and plain old souvenirs here, too.

Inside visitors find not just plenty with which to remember a trip to Mexico City. The center also boasts a rooftop terrace for  organic and traditional foods, drinks or coffee, and outstanding views of the surrounding area.

The Garibaldi Artisan Center resulted from a need to provide more fixed locations for all of the vendors peddling t-shirts, trinkets, art works, pottery, and statuary. And the fixed location helped to seriously increase the quality of what’s available. With about 50 permanent stalls and shops, the center provides visitors with a safe well-lighted environment and a place to compare prices and quality.

The Center is one of a couple of Artisan Centers originally organized with support from the Mexico City Secretariat of Tourism. Today, artisans and their families get better access to the public, and the public finds higher quality goods. Artisans also get access to more and better organized locations in neighborhoods around the City. So you just may find them on other corners on other streets.


How to get here
  • Esq. Honduras / Plaza Garibaldi 1, Colonia Centro, Alc. Cuauhtémoc, 06010 CDMX


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