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Artisan Goods

Mexico City's artisans are part of what puts the Mexican capital on a whole different level. Yes, Mexico City has a strong art gallery scene. And as a shopping destination, there are plenty of surprises and some real bargains.

But here's where it gets good: Mexico protects and supports traditional and artisanal industries. It's part of the City's commitment and recognition of the right to culture of all peoples.

Traditional crafts, artisanal works, pottery and handmade products of all kinds can fall into this category. That is true even when descriptions fail many of them. They need to be seen.

Handcrafted products are meant to be handled, turned over, or at the very least, admired from a close distance. And no photograph will do them justice.

Artisans connect all of humanity to a vibrant, living past and to a present that understands the intrinsic value of human production, human vision, and the work of human hands. That may sound like a real tongue twister. Suffice it to say that any visit to Mexico is rewarded with access to unique, one-of-a-kind, traditional handmade crafts, artworks, and objects.

The outlets listed below include some markets, some distributors and a few stores that cater to a single artisan workshop. They are among the most fascinating places in Mexico City. And not just because you can buy something great and take it home. But because in doing so, you are participating in a tradition that goes back centuries, alive with stories, legends, people and promises.

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