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La Canasta: Artes de México Shop

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La Canasta: Artes de México Shop is the shop of one of Mexico’s most important art book publishers. It also acts as the sometime museum shop of the MODO museum, just around the corner. At least, the frequently collaborate with discounts on museum admissions and similar offers.

As part of a prestigious publishing house, the Canasta shop is able to offer a terrific selection of some of the best artisan goods in the City.

Artes de México began publishing in 1955. Over its decades-long run, the title has printed countless editions dedicated to themes in visual arts, crafts, history, and the cultural life of the country. The magazine has also organized more than 50 exhibitions of art related to the themes published. These have been presented in some 20 countries around the world.

Since its inception, the magazine has featured the work of the country’s most important writers, researchers, creators, opinion leaders, and entrepreneurs. It’s been recognized with more than 150 national and international awards.

La Canasta draws upon all of that experience to present artisan objects and collections, and select visual arts merchandise. These are curated to complement the outstanding collection of books and magazines published over the many years. These are available too.

Hours: Tuesday through Sunday,

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