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MAIA Contemporary

MAIA Contemporary
Photo courtesy of the MAIA Contemporary Facebook page

MAIA Contemporary is a private gallery of contemporary art in the Roma neighborhood. The aim is to promote, exhibit, and sell the work of young and emerging artists. With that, it’s regularly been the site of boisterous, lively intellectual events that have kept the art-world talking.

Promoting both Mexican and international artists, the gallery has successfully mounted exhibitions and public art projects. Their pride is in what they describe as “original visual experiences.” No small feat.

The gallery also stands out for really pushing their artists. With not so much an occasional social media post, MAIA Contemporary will do a full on assault. Carrying their artists’ work to international fairs and exhibitions isn’t just part of the grind, but seems like what the gallery was meant to do.

The gallery is at home in the Casa Basalta, a home built in 1910. It was remodeled by architect Rodrigo Lastra. Today, it’s also home to an events forum, meditation center, restaurants, shops, and offices. It’s just below the Rio de Janeiro square, and around the corner from the MODO museum, on Colima street in Roma. That’s about as close as you can get to Roma’s thriving arts district. After all, this gallery is one big reason it’s sooo thriving.


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