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Traeger and Pinto Gallery

Traeger and Pinto Contemporary Art
Photo courtesy of the Traeger and Pinto Facebook Page

The Traeger and Pinto Gallery is dedicated emerging artists. The gallery provides exhibition space and help in obtaining grants or other economic support. Most of the artists in their considerable slate of collaborators are based in Mexico City. It’s been consistently one of the freshest and most exciting galleries on the Roma Nte scene for better than 20 years.

The directors, Eduardo Pinto and Gerardo Traeger, spent better than 25 years analyzing, collecting and supporting contemporary art. The gallery doors opened in the Colonia Roma way back in 1999.

It’s an open space meant to provide ongoing works and ideas from emerging artists. Striving to maintain a broad view of search and discovery, the gallery is pleased to provide a summary of what’s happening in the art world today, and how it reflects on the country.

Painting, graphic art, sculpture, photography, video, objects d´art, and multimedia works are all presented. The directors believe that the diversity of media reflects the reality  surrounds us and the artists they present. They’re also frequent participants in external projects. Once a year, the gallery presents an exhibition of an artist from another country to maintain the possibility of dialogue. Similarly, they will present local artists to audiences abroad.

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