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Daniela Elbahara

Daniela Elbahara
Photo @2022 Courtesy of Daniela Elbahara

Daniela Elbahara was half of the old and tremendously influential Yautepec Gallery that took Mexico by storm in the 2000s. She’s also the creator of the Feria de Arte Material. Material Art came to be the wildly successful alternative to Zona Maco and essentially, the other half of February’s important Contemporary Art Week. It’s been one of the most important Art Fairs in Latin America since 2017.

Today she runs a leaner, meaner operation in Hipodromo Condesa. It’s by appointment only, but getting in there is always worth a visit. It’s intimate, but not exactly small. Elbahara’s vision is one focused on emerging contemporary art, with lots of community outreach. Without partners, it’s also a lot more direct.

With just about three exhibitions annually, many of them are paired. But the gallery works closely with a stable of usually about six artists. They tend to be living and working in Mexico.

The gallery is also a participant or organizer of other fairs, and not just those associated directly with contemporary art. Scenesters in Mexico will be familiar with the leanings towards Hip-Hop, and other popular expressions, tendencies.

Just a minute’s walk from the Parque España, it’s right below the west end of the Avenida he new Daniela Elbahara space couldn’t be more in the thick of things.

How to get here
  • Calle Huichapan 1, Hipódromo, Cuauhtémoc, 06100 CDMX


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