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Metro Buenavista

buenavista station logoMetro Buenavista is the terminal station of Metro Line B. It’s named for the Buenavista neighborhood, developed in the 1870s by Rafael Martínez de la Torre. The market just to the east is named for him.

The old train station (depicted in the station logo) dates to the same time period. It opened in 1873 and ran, nearly uninterrupted, until 2005. It was the most important passenger terminal in the country for most of this time.

The 1961 railway station replaced an older one torn down in 1958. A masteroiece of Mid-Century Modernist elegance, today it’s the terminal of the Suburbano commuter rail system. That began service in 2008. It’s also the ground floor of the giant Forum Buenavista shopping mall. The Buenavista name also covers stations on Metrobús Lines 1, 3, and 4. It’s a busy transit hub.

International visitors show up here to hit the Vasconcelos Library, or to head into the trendy Santa Maria la Ribera neighborhood. It’s just across Insurgentes Avenue.

The station is busier than one might think. Despite its rather charming pink color scheme, Metro Buenavista keeps rosy with some 30,000 passengers a day. So those just visiting may want to keep aware of weekday morning and evening rush hours.

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Forum Buenavista

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Vasconcelos Library

Nearest at 0.21 kms.

Explanada Cuauhtémoc

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