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Metro Olímpica

Metro Olímpica is one of the final stations on Metro Line B in Ecatepec. The station is named for the Olímpica ’68 neighborhood, just northwest of the station. It’s named in commemoration of the 1968 Summer Olympics which were held in and all around Mexico City.

Like the other stations in the this stretch of the B Line, the station is along the Avenida Central, the more commonly used name for the Avenida Carlos Hank González. The entire line opened in 2000. The 21 stations stretch from Ciudad Azteca in the Northeast to the Buenavista on the edge of Insurgentes Norte in the center-north of the City.

The station stands at the confluence of four neighborhoods. The other three are col. Emiliano Zapata (southwest), Fuentes de Aragón (southeast), and col. Jardines de Aragón (northeast). Like most of this part of Ecatepec, the neighborhoods have increased in population over roughly the past 50 years, since the 1970s.

The entirety of the east side of the avenue is taken up by the giant Center Plazas shopping complex. The complex runs, nearly uninterrupted, until just northeast of the Metro Ecatepec station. The shopping center takes up the entire western edge of the colonia Fuentes de Aragón. It’s a distance of some 733 meters.

How to get here
  • Avenida Central, Col. Olimpica 68, Mpo. Ecatepec de Morelos, 55248 EdoMex


Metro Ecatepec

Nearest at 0.74 kms.

Metro Plaza Aragón

Nearest at 0.86 kms.

Metro Ciudad Azteca

Nearest at 1.53 kms.


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