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Panoramic overlooks in Mexico City are not very common. There are a thousand places to be enchanted, to get lost, to be dazzled, and to fall in love with everything. But to rise above it all, to look around, or to see from one mountain range to another? That's doing something.

Many international visitors will get a taste of the scale of Mexico City when they arrive on a plane. But once you're here, it's all at street level.

These are some of the best places to take it all it in, from skyscrapers to mountain ranges. Mexico City's two new Cablebús lines also make seeing a lot more that much easier.

Below is the most complete list so far of where to get your photos, and where to see as much of the City as possible. Of course, new buildings go up, and there's already a new cable line in the works. But the list below should satisfy your initial craving to see more

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