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San Miguel Arcángel, San Miguel Chapultepec

The Church of San Miguel Arcángel is the main parish church in historic San Miguel Chapultepec. Often almost hidden behind the same trees that shade the neighborhoods beloved streets, the church has receded as the colonia has grown by leaps and bounds all around it.

The parish dates from the late 19th century. And planning began for the grand church already in 1891. The Revolution seriously delayed construction, although it was underway through the first two decades of the 20th century. It was originally dedicated to San Miguel de Tacubaya being established early on as a parish in the still independent Tacubaya.

At the end of the Revolution, the church was still not complete, and the parish would continue trying to organize construction through the 1940s. From roughly 1945-1948, it began to take on the appearance we see today. The Latin cross floor plan still has a larger west wing than that in the east. The church was remodeled again between 1979 and 1982. And today the parish maintains the smaller Capilla de la Adoración right next door for smaller events and gatherings. On the other side is the Cristo Rey Vicariate, the episcopal seat which oversees some 99 churches, among them 47 parishes, in Miguel Hidalgo, Cuajimalpa, and Cuauhtémoc.

The Archangel, Michael, provides a motif for much of the artwork inside, and outside. It’s a considerable collection, too.

And although, arguably it’s the more important church, San Miguel Arcángel is still somewhat in the shadow of La Sabatina if only for the far larger dome on the San Miguel Chapultepec skyline.

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Kurimanzutto Gallery

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Casa del Tiempo

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Puerta 1, Los Pinos

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