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Mercado América

Photos: México Alternativo UNAM ©2024

The Mercado América is a neighborhood market on the slopes below the giant Panteón Civil de Dolores and to the north of the Observatorio area. Historically, these were the outskirt neighborhoods of the town of Tacubaya. But today, the Colonia América is bracing for renewed interest as the Cablebús Line 3 is being built. Already, the neighborhood sees something of an annual uptick in visits each year as Day of the Dead observers park here to enter the giant cemetery across the Avenida Constituyentes. The area has also benefitted from development to the east in San Miguel Chapultepec.

The market opened in 1962. Every August 3, the date is still celebrated. But as the neighborhood changes, folks still remember 1977 when a roof collapse forced merchants back onto the surrounding streets for more than a year.

Rather famously, the Mercado América is also one of those Mexico City markets that has served as a backdrop for multiple films and TV shows. Probably the best remembered of these was the 1973 film, “Uno y medio contra el mundo” starring the formidable Vicente Fernandez. The market may be favored by film production teams because it’s actually relatively placid compared to many such commercial centers.

The Colonia América is a close-knit family neighborhood. It’s market is therefore among the most family friendly, too. A wealth of eateries occupy some of the central parts of the inclined floor plan. Like the whole neighborhood, it’s built on the sloping sides of the Chapultepec hills.

México Alternativo UNAM ©2024:

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  • Coronel Amado Camacho 75, Col. América, Alc. Miguel Hidalgo, 11820 CDMX


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