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Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead in Mexico City is a big deal. Observations and vigils are held at cemeteries large and small all across the metropolitan area. Candlelight vigils will frequently last throughout the night. The mood is somber and often not quite what international visitors might have been expecting.

The purpose is to welcome back the deceased who, on this special night, may travel back from the afterlife. They are greeted, in cemeteries, but also at the altars you'll see across the city, and in other special locations, with food, drink, and more.

The custom dates back to antiquity. Recent years have seen ever more interest in the ritual, pageantry, and celebration in the days leading up to the Day of the Dead. No part of Mexico City is untouched by the spirit of the event, but below are some of the highlight locations where you can experience the very best of these late autumn days.

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