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Enrique Guerrero Gallery

The Enrique Guerrero Gallery was founded in 1997. This was after a decade of intense collaboration with multiple cultural institutions. Today the gallery represents a group of young artists in the emerging scene. The gallery stable explores all the disciplines current to the visual arts. Visitors will find painting, sculpture, photography, video, installation, and digital media within the gallery’s most recent exhibitions. The gallery offers artists a free space in which too exhibit, while working to promote the work both nationally and internationally.

The gallery focuses on contemporary art, but also work to permanently support some of the great masters of Latin American art. Among them, José Clemente Orozco, Francisco Zúñiga, Francisco Toledo, Julio Galán, and others.

The gallery’s intense promotional work has allowed for the successful development of many of the artists represented. Invited artists – Mexican and international – also part in the annual exhibition programs and international activities. This is both within the San Miguel Chapultepec facilities and in renowned art forums in the international circuit.

The Enrique Guerrero Gallery operated for many years in the Polanco section of Mexico City. Today it’s a big part of the emergence of San Miguel Chapultepec as a leading visual arts and gallery neighborhood.

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