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Parque La Hormiga


The Parque La Hormiga is the former grounds of the Los Pinos Presidential Residence. It became a kids park in 2002, and later a full-fledged park in 2016. In 2019, Los Pinos became part of the larger Cultural Complex that includes the former residence buildings, gardens, walk ways, and more. This has only really benefited La Hormiga as more visitors to the area have meant more users and support for the park.

The Hormiga name recalls the 19th-century ranch expropriated by President Venustiano Carranza in 1917. In 1934, President Lázaro Cárdenas refused to move into the Chapultepec Castle. as Mexican Presidents had previously done. Taking up residence on the grounds of La Hormiga Ranch, it was he who changed the name to Los Pinos.

Today, it’s adjacent to section one of Chapultepec Park. Most people assume it’s part of the same park, but along with the rest of Los Pinos, it’s technically a part of the Colonia San Miguel Chapultepec to the southeast.

The Parque La Hormiga has no fewer than 18 playgrounds for kids. Many of these are in fenced areas and will restrict entry to adults accompanying kids. The forest, though, covers some 32,000 square meters. It’s all just a few minutes north of Metro Constituyentes. Most visitors will arrive from points east in Chapultepec Park.


How to get here
  • Los Pinos CC, Molino del Rey 1, San Miguel Chapultepec I Secc, Miguel Hidalgo, 11850 CDMX


Casa Miguel Alemán, Los Pinos

Nearest at 0.15 kms.

FONART Los Pinos

Nearest at 0.23 kms.


Causeway of the Poets

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León Felipe Monument

A sculptural monument outside the Casa del Lago in Chapultepec Park . . .

Puerta 1, Los Pinos

One of the important entranceways to Los Pinos, and thus to the rest of Chapultepec.

Anfibium: Axolotl Museum

A center for the protection of amphibians across the Valley of Mexico.

Fountain of the Frogs, Chapultepec

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