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Del Valle & Benito Juárez

The Benito Juárez alcaldía makes up much of the center of the city. As such, it was mostly shallow lake bottom throughout the ancient period.

Although, we'll make quite a big deal below of the area's colonial and ancient sites, to most visitors, it seems like the shiny heart of much of the City. There's a lot to see here but you'll also find many of the the most densely populated residential neighborhoods.

The maps and walks illustrated on the following pages will help you to get more out of any visit to the central part of the City.

The maps and walks below are not just in the Benito Juárez alcaldía. There's some in neighboring and contiguous sections of the City, too.

Centrally located, these areas are very nearby:

For lots of Mexico City residents, central Mexico City is synonymous with Del Valle, Narvarte, and Napoles. We've tried to give you better access to quite a few more places, even beyond. 

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