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Benito Juárez Parks

Benito Juárez Parks are located across the center of the City. Few Mexico City residents realize today that the alcaldía is named for the mid-19th-century president because so many people here died fighting for his Reformation. This was most notable in the battles in and around Tacubaya.

It takes on new relevance when one realizes that so many of the City's parks and public spaces came about directly from the old colonial-era church atriums. Once used tp proselytize to indigenous and criollo citizens alike, they were the only "public" spaces. And they were strictly controlled. The Reforma meant true public and civic spaces.

These were often wrested from a resistant church and populace. But today we see that the trend never went far enough. The City is in a constant battle to open more spaces for more trees, playing fields, recreational areas, and cultural and artistic spaces.

Although the Center City is some of the most densely-used and populated territory in Mexico City, Benito Juárez Parks are a break from the concrete jungle. There's probably a park near you!

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