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Holiday Inn México Coyoacán

The Holiday Inn México Coyoacán is in a major hotel in the Portales area, on a busy stretch of the Calzada de Tlalpan. It’s an important onboarding site for passengers on the Capital Bus South Route.  Buses from here continue southward to the Center of Coyoacán.

In its own right, the hotel offers 214 guest rooms. It’s also an important business and convention center with 12 giant meeting rooms. These can be combined into a fairly enormous meeting or expo venue. The hotel also provides banquet service in addition to the onsite restaurant and catering facilities.

capital bus southAs a stop on the Capital Bus Line, the hotel puts you within easy walking-distance of the Portales markets area. This is one of Mexico City’s most important used-furniture centers. But like anyone who’s visited an Ikea store will tell you, customers are lured with all kinds of home decorating and furnishings. The markets have, of necessity, expanded to include antiques and collectibles. Many of these are “to the trade,” and so prices can be extraordinarily attractive.

On the other side of the Calzada, there are attractions too. San Andrés Tetepilco is the westernmost of the 15 original settlements in Iztapalapa. It happens to be home to the Electric Transport Museum too. About a 20-minute walk from the hotel, the museum stands on the grounds of one of the trolley workshops so important to the history of the Calzada.

The Holiday Inn México Coyoacán is roughly two-minutes’ walk north from Metro Ermita.

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Metro Ermita

Nearest at 0.26 kms.

Church of Cristo Rey, Portales

Nearest at 0.44 kms.


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