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Benito Juárez Public Markets

The Benito Juárez public markets are those all around the center of Mexico City. This part of the City may seem entirely modern and new. But people here, and it's a heavily residential area, don't eat at restaurants every day. They're not peeling open plastic wrappers and microwaving dinner just because the neighbors live in a tower.

In fact, Benito Juárez is home to no fewer than 15 public markets. Some of these are tucked down between those shining towers. A few are even hard to find. But all of them are vital to feeding their neighborhoods, and to keeping people healthy and happy.

The tradition of the public markets goes back to ancient times. Some international visitors grasp this intuitively. They're a vital part of the population's independence in mind, spirit, and body.

They also make terrific, consistently good places for lunch. You get far fresher food. It's often just a few days since harvest. And it's more affordable and better for you. Try the nearest market at least once during your visit, and you'll see the difference.

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