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Panteón El Calvario, Cuajimalpa

The Panteón El Calvario is the Calvary Cemetery. It’s the traditional cemetery for the town of San Pedro Cuajimalpa. As the site of of local Day of the Dead observances, officials usually prepare for some 20,000 visitors depending on what days of the week the observances fall. In the forested climate of Cuajimalpa, it can be a pleasant alternative to other city cemeteries.

With an entrance just off the Alcaldía esplanade, the cemetery is well located for the reception of visitors. The entrance often bears a traditional floral arch that makes it that much more welcoming.

In fact, city residents know the cemetery far more for the Holy Week observances leading up to Easter Sunday. These include re-enactments of the traditional passion play. The most famous Good Friday observances were begun in Iztapalapa way back in 1843. Observances in San Pedro began already in 1888 partly in response to the increasingly popular events taking place far across Mexico City. For those hesitant to confront Iztapalapa’s considerable crowding, San Pedro’s is still a much more intimate affair.

In 2019, the Alcaldía renovated the entire cemetery. This included the cleaning of every tomb, as well as new lighting and pavements of the walkways. Today, the panteón is a remarkably clean and well-tended outdoor space.

Hours: Daily, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.


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