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Centro Cultural Cuajimalpa / Teatro Morelos



The Centro Cultural Cuajimalpa and the adjoining Teatro Morelos constitute the official center of cultural life in Mexico City’s westernmost alcaldía. The cultural center is part of the esplanade, the central town plaza. It also includes the Pedro Infante Center along with the big, local government buildings.  The San Pedro Apóstol church is also part of the complex, as are the Dolores Castarrica Library and the Galería Loreto Encinas de Avilés.

The Teatro Morelos was completely renovated in 2014 to make it one of the most advanced in the City, and certainly in this part of the City.

The grounds and surrounding plazas are loaded with public art, and usually something is happening. The center may be most famous for the giant mural La Batalla del Monte de las Cruces, commemorating the Independence-era battle at nearby La Marquesa National Park. There’s another mural, too, dating from 1982. It depicts the path of the Mexican people from the ancient period, the fall of Tenochtitlan and their subsequent march to freedom.

The Centro Cultural Cuajimalpa is mostly used for art, music, and dance classes. It opened in 1992 and has been busy ever since. For international visitors, it’s an essential part of any walk around the center of San Pedro Cuajimalpa.

Hours: Daily, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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