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Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla Museum

Photo: Alejandro Linares Garcia on Wikimedia Commons

The Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla Museum is within the center of San Pedro Cuajimalpa. It offers a good overview of the historical and cultural development of Cuajimalpa. It’s actually focused on the the role of the insurgent priest, Miguel Hidalgo, but the collection includes important copies of historical documents from the era of the war for Independence, and earlier.

Included are the Techyaloyan Codice from the late 16th century. Correspondence from Miguel Hidalgo, sketches of the Insurgents from the time of the war, paintings, and documents related to the Independence movement round out the museum’s holdings.

The museum is within the main Cuajimalpa government building. Visits are often combined with tips around the town center, including the important cultural center, the church, and other area attractions. The market is also very close by.  and the other attractions in and around the central plaza.


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