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San Pedro Cuajimalpa

One of the original settlements of Cuajimalpa, San Pedro Cuajimalpa was instrumental in arguing for the independence of indigenous communities across the region. The Techialoyan Codex of Cuajimalpa was written here in the late 17th century to provide documentary evidence of the people's rights to their lands. They held onto that right until the mid-19th century.

Today San Pedro is one of the city's classic pueblitos, with an inviting historic center, plaza, and marketplace. An open-air theater, the Foro Pedro Infante, is used for frequent spring and summer concerts, but make no mistake, San Pedro is a rugged mountain community and temperatures are generally a bit cooler than elsewhere in the Valley of Mexico. The Pedro Infante Museum also presents memorabilia from the actor's long career.

The Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla Museum is also nearby, within the Cuajimalpa alcaldia hall. There you'll find copies of the Techialoyan Codex, among other historical items related to the region and its peoples.

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