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Mercado Cuajimalpa

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Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla Museum

Nearest at 0.18 kms.

San Pedro Apóstol, Cuajimalpa

Nearest at 0.21 kms.

Jardín Hidalgo

Nearest at 0.22 kms.


Panteón El Calvario, Cuajimalpa

A remarkably well-tended public cemetery in San Pedro Cuajimalpa . . .

Jardín Hidalgo

On the esplanade of the center of San Pedro Cuajimalpa...

Centro Cultural Cuajimalpa / Teatro Morelos

The Center of old Cuajimalpa...

San Pedro Apóstol, Cuajimalpa

Historical and charming San Pedro Cuajimalpa is high in the mountains of Mexico City - and always remarkable.

Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla Museum

A history museum focused on Cuajimalpa during the Independence movement...

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