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Metro UAM-I

metro uam-iMetro UAM-I is the main station for the campus of the Autonomous Metropilitan University (UAM) in Iztapalapa. It’s about a 15-minute walk from the station to the southern edges of the campus. In between is the eastern edge of the Barrio San Miguel. The Mercado la Purisima is about half way between the two points.

The station logo is represents the logo of the UAM. In part because of the university, it’s one of the busiest stations in the Metro system.

The UAM, founded in 1974, today has four campuses in Mexico City and a fifth in the State of Mexico. It’s recognized as one of the leading universities in the countries, especially in the social sciences and humanities.

The station features the mural work, Vida academica de la UAM, (Academic Life of the UAM) by Patricia Torres (b, 1963). Known especially for her limited color palette, most of the artist’s works are monochromatic. She’s exhibited widely in Mexico and abroad.

The Metro UAM-I shouldn’t be confused with the other UAM station, Metro UAM – Azcapotzlaco. But having two stations may very well reflect on the growing importance of the UAM university.

The station also serves the Los Angeles neighborhood to the south, as well as a good part of this end of the Iztapalapa Historic Center.


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Mercado La Purísima

Nearest at 0.39 kms.

Casa de Las Bombas Cultural Center

Nearest at 0.63 kms.

Barrio San Miguel, Iztapalapa

Nearest at 0.82 kms.

La Nueva Viga

Nearest at 3.1 kms.

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Cervecería Dos Mundos

Nearest at 3.4 kms.

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