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Mercado La Purísima

Mercado la Purisima
Photo courtesy of Bandada! studio.

Mercado La Purisima is a beautifully remodeled public market in the Barrio San Miguel neighborhood of Iztapalapa’s Historic Center.

One of the most innovative market rehabs ever undertaken in the city, the 2015 project added a rainwater harvesting system as well as an advanced system for management of sunlight. It was carried out by architect Iván Valero with Bandada! studio. Interestingly, nearly the entire project was carried out with the market still functioning and occupied. It was just one part of extensive urban re-planning work done by Bandada! studio in San Miguel.

Unfortunately, in January of 2022 the market was the site of a serious fire. At this writing, some repairs are still being made. But the renovation resulted in a remarkable bright, public, and popular new place to shop. A 2017 UAM study counted some 121 vendors inside the market. The renovation also cleaned up some of the surrounding plaza outside. And vendors there will likely push the numbers way up.

Among all of these vendors are a good number who are daily preparing fresh foods. It’s a spectacular place for lunch. There’s a “quick guide on eating at the market,” here.

The Mercado La Purisima is at the south of the La Purisima sports complex. Since the re-naming of Metro UAM-I in 1996, (it was Metro La Purisma for two years), the old Colonia La Purisima has disappeared from most maps. Today, it’s the main market for the east of Barrio San Miguel and southern Colonia Progresista. It’s a wonderful place to visit and a mainstay for fans of Mexican food.


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Casa de Las Bombas Cultural Center

Nearest at 0.27 kms.

Metro UAM-I

Nearest at 0.39 kms.

Barrio San Miguel, Iztapalapa

Nearest at 0.64 kms.


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