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Metro Escuadrón 201

Metro Escuadron 201


Metro Escuadrón 201 serves the giant neighborhood of the same name. (It’s shown on the map.) To the east, is the rather more industrial neighborhood of Granjas San Antonio which also benefits from the station.

The station logo represents the emblem of the Air Force group, Escuadrón 201. The neighborhood was named in honor of the squadron that flew with the allied forces over the Pacific ocean during World War II. Escuadrón 201 is also honored in Chapultepec Park with the giant Tribuna Monumental. The monument was rededicated to the squadron in 1990.

The station is actually among the busiest in the Metro System. The Metrobús, on Line 5, is also very well used.

The Colonia Escuadrón 201 began in the 20th century as one of the City’s “Proletarian Colonias.” Specifically set aside for industrial workers, the land was purchased for that purpose by the Federal government in 1944. Nearly immediately, the seller reneged, and the early project was mired in conflict.

Over subsequent decades, residents settled into a pattern of living and today it’s one of Iztapalapa’s more tranquil residential communities. The Mercado Escuadrón 201 is normally surrounded by giant semi-permanent tianguis. That means, you may reach the edges of the market more quickly than in the roughly six minutes it takes to walk from the Metro.


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Utopía Cuauhtlicalli Aculco

Nearest at 0.23 kms.

Mercado Escuadrón 201

Nearest at 0.35 kms.

Metro Aculco

Nearest at 0.97 kms.

Cervecería Dos Mundos

Nearest at 0.5 kms.

Recomendado por CANIRAC

Crepería 201

Nearest at 0.7 kms.

Recomendado por CANIRAC


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