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Utopía Cuauhtlicalli Aculco

The Utopía Cuauhtlicalli Aculco is today known more commonly as the Utopia Aculco. It’s named for the original settlement of Santa María Aculco, just to the north. The same name is used for the broader Aculco administrative territory. The territory includes the famous Colonia Escuadrón 201 as well as the Metro Escuadrón 201. The metro station is just a five-minute walk south of the Utopia park.

The Utopía Cuauhtlicalli Aculco is most famous as a fitness and training center, although cultural activities are popular here too. Dance and music classes fill out much of the schedule. In total, the park offers a complete range of activities and facilities.

  • Swimming lessons in the semi-Olympic pool
  • Equipped fitness and boxing center
  • Basketball court and wood-floored multi-use courts
  • Tartan Track and football field
  • The Sara Garcia Plaza and outdoor forum
  • 400-seat auditorium for performances, concerts, and screenings.

The Aculco Utopía also offers extensive areas for reading, study and conversation. There’s also a center for the elderly and a center for attention to women. Both are extremely important to residents in the area. As a major outdoors facility in the west of Iztapalapa, the Utopía Aculco complements the broader Canal Nacional area to the south and southwest. The Metrobús (Line 5) station, Escuadrón 201, is practically out front of the park.

How to get here
  • C. Alfonso Toro 1856, Col. Escuadrón 201, Alc. Iztapalapa, 09060 CDMX


Metro Escuadrón 201

Nearest at 0.23 kms.

Mercado Escuadrón 201

Nearest at 0.52 kms.

Metro Aculco

Nearest at 0.76 kms.


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