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Metro Aculco

Metro Aculco Station Description
Photo: Dge on Wikimedia Commons


Metro Aculco Station logoMetro Aculco serves the two old towns of Aculco and Atlazolpa in the north of Iztapalapa. On line 8 of the Metro, it’s likely what international visitors will consider a local’s-only station.

In fact, it’s named for the original settlement of Santa María Aculco, and stands on what was a tiny island, likely surrounded by at least some chinampa floating fields.

The Nahuatl name refers to the twists in the water here. The name is used also in La Magdalena Contreras, but there referring to the water in the river. Here, we’re talking about currents in the ancient Lake Texcoco. Note the 1521 map here.

In Iztapalapa, we encounter many of the oldest peoples to inhabit the Valley of Mexico. That makes a trip to the 15 original towns and villages that much more interesting.

In 2019, Metro Aculco saw just under 10,000 passengers a day.

How to get here


Magdalena Atlazolpa

Nearest at 0.53 kms.

Mercado Aculco

Nearest at 0.55 kms.

Pueblo de Aculco, Iztapalapa

Nearest at 0.58 kms.


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