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Metro Doctores

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Metro Doctores Mexico City
Photo: copyright 2022 Carlos Torres, used with permission.

Metro Doctores is the station that serves the neighborhood of the same name and the Obrera neighborhood to the east.

This colonia was divided in the 19th century, resulting in Indianilla and Hidalgo. La Indianilla is remembered with the cultural center of the same name. Almost the entire western part of the colonia was centered on the transit center.

The name came from Las Merceditas Templo de Belen who owned much of the properties of the colony since 1675. The streets were laid out after 1889, when the colony was divided. The streets were named after 19th century doctors: Dr. Lucio, Dr. Río de la Loza, Dr. Vértiz, Dr. Pascua, Dr. Andrade and Dr. Lavista. Popularly it began to be called doctors although the official name was Colonia Hidalgo.

Today it houses the Hospital General and the Centro Medico Siglo XXI. This medical complex is located south of the colony and has its own station. The station is located on what was the shore of the ancient island of Tenochtitlan. Marked by what is now Chimalpopoca Street. This was one of the areas most affected in the 1985 earthquake so many government buildings were constructed soon after. The historic Campo Florido Temple is a 5 minute walk away.

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