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Photo courtesy of the Noesunagaleria Facebook page

Noesunagaleria may not be a gallery. It’s “i” lacks an accent. But it is making strides to present a solid argument for including the traditionally excluded within Mexico City’s sprawling, extravagant, and often throbbing art scene. Or it may be just a good excuse for a party. It’s also a very good reason to be watching the Colonia Doctores taking over the mantel of uber-chic in the coming year.

Either way, they’re doing a lot right. The self-managed exhibition project shows, manages, and sells the work of participating artists. Among them are some with very bright prospects. It’s a little hit or miss, but what really fun art show was ever solidly on target?

There’s also an argument to be made for why “small-s surrealism” holds on in a country that insists on independent vendors. And public markets. And micro-business that can’t experience economic “growth.” You can even call it “resistance.” You won’t be far off the mark.

Noesunagaleria is part of that tradition. And others in the 2021 Gallery Weekend are too. That’s part of what makes it such a fun experience of Mexico City life and culture. Of course, there are rich kids. Yes, there are snobs. And those pale cynics who get nervous when someone who’s not famous comes too close. But all the fun kids from art school are still going out cause that’s a big part of it too. See you there.

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Escuela Libre de Derecho Library

Nearest at 0.29 kms.

Metro Doctores

Nearest at 0.38 kms.

Tacos de hamburguesa “Don Toño”

Nearest at 0.4 kms.

Recomendado por CANIRAC


Nearest at 0.6 kms.

Recomendado por CANIRAC


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