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Metro Cerro de la Estrella

Metro Cerro de la Estrella
The Entrance Arch to Iztapalapa is just west of the station.

Metro Cerro de la Estrella is one of the most important stations in central Iztapalapa. Obviously, it’s the chief stop for the Cerro de la Estrella itself. That includes for the national park, the archaeological excavation area, and the Museo del Fuego Nuevo. But the Metro station is also key for the old Barrio San Miguel and for the surrounding neighborhoods of el Molino, and el Manto Plan de Iguala among others.

The station logo, of course, represents the triple crosses beneath the star (estrella). This is a reference to the 150+ year tradition of the Passion Play for which Iztapalapa and the Cerro itself have long been famous. The three crosses depicted actually stand just southwest of the Parque Molino, on the northeast slopes of the Cerro.

Today, the Cerro itself is slowly having its old name, Huizachtécatl, restored. And with it comes renewed interest in the points mentioned above and in the once every 52-years ceremony. The museum is dedicated just to better understanding that ceremony. The last one was held in 1507, just a few years before Europeans ever set foot in Mexico.

Metro Cerro de la Estrella can get very busy but especially in the week leading up to Easter Sunday. That’s when the Historic Center of Iztapalapa really lights up. In recent years, daily average ridership has been more like 11,000 passengers. That means you’ve got very little reason not to go.

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