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Altepepialcalli Regional Museum in Villa Milpa Alta

Altepepialcalli Regional Museum
Photo: Alejandro Linares Garcia on Wikimedia Commons


The Altepepialcalli Regional Museum is a small museum and community center in Villa Milpa Alta in the very south of Mexico City. The museum hosts art exhibitions from emerging artists, and it’s the frequent site of classes and workshops in Náhuatl, the native language of the region. It opened in 1994.

Milpa Alta is one of the few places in the city with substantial Náhuatl-speaking communities. The Altepepialcallí Regional Museum has been an important cultural center in providing for language diffusion and where the visitors and residents are exposed to ancient stories, literature, poems, and art. A visit to this museum is a great chance to see more of the village and the countryside. Such a visit also affords the opportunity to sample locally grown foods nopal cactus, barbacoa, and the mole for which the region is famous. 

Milpa Alta, overall, is well-known for its traditions and the 700 religious and secular festivals organized there every year.  

Villa Milpa Alta

Villa Milpa Alta is the seat of the alcaldia of Milpa Alta. It’s in the valley between the volcano Teuhtli and the Chichinauhtzin Sierra. One of the 139 Pueblos Originarios of Mexico City, Villa Milpa Alta dates to the ancient period, when it was founded by the Momoxca people. It was originally known as Malacachtépec Momoxco. This might be translated as “Place of altars surrounded by hills.” The Momoxcas overwhelmed the Spanish and in 1529 had their right to self-rule recognized by the Spanish crown. The town was thereafter called the Villa de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción de Milpa Alta.


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