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Santa María La Ribera

Santa Maria La Ribera is a classic Mexico City neighborhood. It's one that's often visited simply for the chance to walk its streets and to take in its very distinct charm. Today, an increasingly important arts and cultural destination, it's been one of the city's most solid neighborhoods since FOREVER.

In fact, Santa María dates from the late 19th century. Many of its buildings do too. But somehow Santa Maria has kept adapting, changing, modernizing and improving. This has been all while keeping a historical charm and slightly rough-around-the-edges tenacity, perfectly in place.

These are all still just part of the reasons it's such a popular place to walk, look around, and explore. And the people you meet will be happy to help you find your way and better understand the neighborhood.

At the center, after everything is said and done, and all the streets covered, there's a kiosk as charming as any in the city. A pleasant walk, el barrio can be reached from either Metro San Cosme or from Metro Buenavista.

Santa María La Ribera is one of Mexico City's best neighborhoods to visit if you'd like to simply, uh, visit a neighborhood. Don't miss the video above, to start you on your journey. And there are still more points of interest in the entries below.

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