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Iztapalapa Public Markets

Iztapalapa Public Markets are among the most famous in Mexico City. No fewer than 20 markets hail from Iztapalapa. We've selected some of the best of them.

In each, international travelers find the freshest and most nutritious food anywhere. When you eat at the market, you're getting better food and supporting smaller independent businesses, even when paying less. This is especially important if:

  1. You're gorging on too much street food, or
  2. You're trying to get Mexican food from restaurants alone.

That simply won't work. Mexican food is more likely to come from an antojería, a lonchería, or simply a comedor, i.e.; a dining room. For non-Spanish speakers, eating at the public market might seem a bit intimidating at first, (we put together some tips here). But there's no better place for fresh and ultra-nutritious food at rock bottom prices.

Iztapalapa public markets are mostly hyper-local, focused on their own communities. The exception is the giant Centro de Abastos that serves the entire greater Mexico City area. Venture into any one of the smaller satellite markets and you'll see the very best Mexico City has to offer.

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