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Mercado Santa María Aztahuacan, Iztapalapa

Mercado Santa María Aztahuacan

The Mercado Santa María Aztahuacan is the main neighborhood market for the town of the same name. One of the original settlements of Iztapalapa, it’s an important place. It’s known for the discovery of some of the most ancient human remains ever uncovered in the entire Valley of Mexico. You’ll find those in the north of the town at the San Pedro Laundry. But the town is also known for the strong tradition of embroidery that supports the local Charro groups. They march, together with the even older Chinelo dancers, in all of the annual processions and street fairs. Costumes are exquisitely detailed. And for these, the town is supremely famous.

All of these processions are beloved for the street food. And while there is plenty to go round, those making the most of feeding the masses need a permanent home too. Some of them you’ll likel find in the market. While a 2017 UAM studied counted 105 vendors here, among them are a number preparing ready-to-eat meals every day. Sit down service is affordable, healthier, and fresher than anything you’ll get elsewhere. You’re not only supporting local independent businesses, but even farmers who are not that far off.

The Mercado Santa María Aztahuacan is just south of the town center. Simply follow the the Avenida de la Palmas and you’ll get there. It’s also open late. So this market may even be a good dinner option.

Hours: Daily 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

How to get here
  • C. Ejido 2, Santa María Aztahuacan, Iztapalapa, 09500 CDMX


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