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First Settlements Route

first settlements route

The First Settlements Route is designed to give visitors a very strong view of the oldest human habitations along the shores of ancient Lake Texcoco. These make up many of the communities that preceded Mexico City. Some still have an influence today, more than a thousand years later.

These ancient places are a mosaic of villages and towns all over Mexico City and the surrounding State of Mexico. They're some of the most fascinating and tantalizing sites to offer glimpses into the very distant past.

  • The symbol for the First Settlements Route is the glyph for the town of Culhuacan, in present-day Iztapalapa. Already with the founding of the Tenochtitlan, Culhuacan had been inhabited for many hundreds of years. It's also one of the least well-known of truly ancient settlements.

Visitors will learn about the vestiges, history, and the biocultural, Mesoamerican heritage that still impacts the residents, rhythm, and thinking of Mexico City today.

The First Settlements Route can be followed over a number of days and  is entirely reachable using Mexico City public transit.

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