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Sierra de Guadalupe (Tokio Entrance)


The Sierra de Guadalupe Natural Protected Area is an enormous and difficult area of mountainous peaks in the very north of Mexico City. Magnificently visible from Cablebús Line 1, it’s today more accesible than ever in the past. But it’s not for the faint of heart.

Within Mexico City, some 633 hectares are today protected and part of a major conservation project. This conservation area is complemented on the other side, the Mexico State side, by a big state park. It has ten different entrances just on that side. This is one of the most attractive entrances on the Mexico City side.

The area replete with flora and wildlife. Mexico City began a project to open six different sites for recreation, hiking, and to benefit residents of Gustavo A. Madero. This is one of the first and most successful of such projects. Beyond the Tokio Entrance, named for the avenue that leads to it, visitors will find:

  • Multiple gardens and green areas
  • Kids playground area
  • Exercise areas
  • Shelters for picnics and shade
  • And an extended esplanade with views of the Valley.

A walk from Cablebús Cuautepec is about 2.8 kilometers up considerable inclines. It takes about 45 minutes. Visitors should dress appropriately with comfortable walking shoes. A taxi will cut the walking time by 85%. Like a lot of mountainous regions of Mexico, Cuautepec relies on rear-engine Vocho (VW Beetle) taxis. These are widely available throughout the neighborhood, and will concentrate near transit centers.

How to get here
  • Av. Tokio, Malacates, Gustavo A. Madero, 07119 Mexico City


Deportivo El Vivero Cuautepec

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Cuautepec Cablebús

Nearest at 2.31 kms.


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