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Sierra de Guadalupe (Tokio Entrance)

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How to get here
  • Av. Tokio, Malacates, Gustavo A. Madero, 07119 Mexico City


Deportivo El Vivero Cuautepec

Nearest at 1.91 kms.

Cuautepec Cablebús

Nearest at 2.31 kms.


Deportivo El Vivero Cuautepec

A new sports, recreational, cultural complex in the heights of Cuautepec...

Tlalpexco Cablebús

One of Mexico City's highest elevation neighborhoods...

Cuautepec Cablebús

New life arrives in one of original villages of la GAM, far in the north of Mexico City.

Campos Revolución Cablebús

The transfer station for passengers en route to the final two destinations on Cablebús Line 1.

Cablebús La Pastora

CablebúsLine One can leave you at the base of the famous Cerro del Chiquihuite...

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