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Campos Revolución Cablebús

Cablebus Campos Revolucion


The Campos Revolución Cablebús Station is an important one. From here, passengers can decide to continue on to Cuautepec. One can also hop off here and transfer to the branch line, up the steep mountainside to Tlalpexco (the views from there are outstanding).

Campos Revolución is named for the sports fields. Perhaps one gains a better insight into the area from the name of the neighborhood. The Zona Escolar neighborhoods are home to multiple primary and secondary schools. These are attended by students from the towering Arbolillo, Benito Juárez, and Castillo Grande neighborhoods to the south and east of the station. Practically vertical, students climb down in the mornings. The return in the afternoon is pretty much straight up.

Of course, students arrive from neighborhoods all over the surrounding dramatic landscape. The Campos Revolución Cablebús station is at the center of what’s rapidly turning into the central commercial district for the region.

  • The Vocho (VW Beetle) taxis are ubiquitous here. The rear-engine design still makes them preferable for climbing steep inclines. You’ll continue to see them in just about every direction.

For international guests arriving from the La Pastora station, the views are only getting better. But hop off here, have a look around at street level. A number of classic eateries in the area are only getting better. And the trip now to the ascendant stations, those of Cuautepec and Tlalpexco, can already be glimpsed.

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