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Mercado Cuautepec

The Mercado Cuautepec is a big neighborhood market for the 20 or so neighborhoods of Cuautepec. It’s the northernmost market in Mexico City and technically in the neighborhood of Loma de la Palma. That means it’s about 20 minutes walking from either the Cablebus station of Cuautepec or Campos Revolución. It’s just to the south of the giant Panteon Cuautepec. The Ciudad Deportiva Carmen Serdán is just to the west.

There are some terrific views from the area. Most guests will want to scurry inside because the food here is excellent. While there is lots of instant fare, the market is best known for the cocinas ecomicas and similar prepared foods. It’s a great place to eat. Most merchants will be happy to let you review the menu del día before you site down.

The Mercado Cuautepec is comparable with the many other mercados publicos in the City. But here, you’re getting access to one that’s rarely been visited by those from other countries. It’s a major supplier for all the other little kitchens and hole-in-the-wall places to eat. So you’re getting better food, and supporting local small businesses, too.

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Campos Revolución Cablebús

Nearest at 1.00 kms.

Centro Cultural Carlos Montemayor

Nearest at 1.17 kms.


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Tlalpexco Cablebús

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Cuautepec Cablebús

New life arrives in one of original villages of la GAM, far in the north of Mexico City.

Campos Revolución Cablebús

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