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Mercado Tihuatlán, Aculco, La Magdalena

Mercado Tihuatlán
Just one of the vendors inside the newly remodeled market. Photo courtesy of the Paradis Florale Facebook page.

The Mercado Tihuatlán had a full makeover in 2019. Part of a City-wide effort to improve public markets, the market worked with locateros, the actual vendors, to construct an establishment worthy of the neighborhood. Aculco is the southern part of the famous San Jerónimo Lidice neighborhood.

After a six month renovation, what emerged was an attractive and sleek re-designed marketplace. Floors and walls were finished, modern-looking structural pillars and ceilings made of wood installed, and a dining room, which thanks to donated tables and chairs, it’s now more akin to a restaurant than a mercado or its precursor, the street tianguis

The building is itself a tribute to the important service Mercados publicos and workers provide to their communities. The market is today fully accessible to people with disabilities, and energy efficient throughout.  It’s no wonder it’s busy throughout the day.  

For international visitors, especially those in San Jerónimo wondering where to eat, this is the place. Steaming caldos, fresh quesadillas, and other antojitos (snacks) are on order. The market sells dairy products, eggs, cured and fresh meats, fruits and vegetables, all manner of nuts, beverages and freshly-squeezed juices, and depending on the season, artisanal merchandise. Friday thru Sunday, the market specializes in selling carnitas, which literally translates to “little meats,” a native dish of  Michoacán. 

The Mercado Tihuatlán is in the neighborhood of San Jerónimo Aculco, between Papaloapan and 19 de Agosto Streets, in La Magdalena Contreras. 

Hours: Daily 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.    

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Padierna Obelisk

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Avenida San Jerónimo

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Nearest at 0.8 kms.

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La Ostra

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