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Mercado Cuajimalpa

Mercado Cuajimalpa
Photo: Alcaldía Cuajimalpa de Morelos

The Mercado Cuajimalpa is your best bet for eating well in San Pedro Cuajimalpa. Recently thoroughly rehabbed, the market is loaded with vendors and plenty of eateries who are cooking fresh every day.

Opened in 1962, the Cuajimalpa Market is the oldest in the entire alcaldía, and actually likely a bit quieter than many other city markets. Originally a tianguis that sold more charcoal and firewood than anything else, today the market is continually adjusting to Cuajimalpa’s ever more upscale clientele. The patron saint of Cuajimalpa, Saint Peter, is still processed through the aisles of the market once a year.

But for international visitors, you get access to exceptionally fresh, prepared food. That means, even if you’ve gorged on street tacos, at least the next day, you get access to more pedestrian fare and often the most gourmet food you’ll find, outside of truly pricey restaurants.

The Mercado Cuajimalpa is convenient to everything in the center of San Pedro. It’s just south of the government buildings and the Church of San Pedro Apostal.

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