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Gate of the Lions, Chapultepec

Photos: SEDEMA-Enrique Abe

The Gate of the Lions is the main entrance to Chapultepec Park, and practically a front door opening onto the Paseo de la Reforma. It was officially opened in 1929.

The entrance gives way to the Lions Garden, a green area that was originally part of San Miguel Chapultepec now to the south. In fact, that town’s church once stood here. The entrance leads directly to the Lions Bridge which, since 1975, has allowed  pedestrians to cross directly to the Altar to the Homeland.

The entrance is named for the two bronze sculptures of lions by French artist, Georges Gardet. These were created to adorn the legislative palace of President Porfirio Díaz but which later became the Monument to the Revolution. Gardet created a bronze eagle, five meters tall, at the same time. This was similarly later moved to the Monumento a la Raza.

The two lions stand on Arte Deco-style pedestals. These are carved from granite that originated in Germany, Canada, and in Zacatecas. The pedestals also contain small guardhouse stations. These are accessed through an iron gate with a relief of an eagle with wings outstretched.

Today the gate opens from, not just Paseo de la Reforma, but the plaza of the Estela de Luz monument. It’s often passed right by, but then, in the park, there’s a lot more to see.

How to get here
  • Av. Paseo de la Reforma 132, Alc. Miguel Hidalgo, 06500 CDMX


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