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Chapultepec Uno

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Chapultepec Uno, on the left, next to the Torre Mayor on the right. Photo: Luis Alvaz on Wikimedia Commons

Chapultepec Uno grew up in the flurry of skyscraper building in the 2010s. This one grew so quickly, many people don’t even realize it’s there.

Today with 58 stories, and at 241.6 meters in height, it’s the third tallest building in the city. The chief tenant is the The Ritz-Carlton who occupy floors 36 to 47 with 153 luxury guest rooms and residential units distributed over an equal number of floors. 21 levels of commercial office space occupy almost half of the rest of the building.

With sweeping views of Chapultepec Park, the hotel comes with a lounge, and restaurant, spa, swimming pool, and meeting and event spaces. Most of the offices include those outstanding views too.

While it was briefly called Punto Chapultepec, the project went through a number of revisions beyond the mere name change. Today it’s build on top of a 12 level basement, which is what stood for the first years of construction. Begun in 2013, the building was finished in 2019, and is, at this writing, not fully occupied.  Total floor space on those 58 levels, is 102,000 square meters. The revised design and construction oversight was provided by KMD Architects.

Occupying what amounts to a secret space between the Torre Mayor, the Circuito Interior, at the very entrance to Chapultepec, it’s a slender and elegant tower.


How to get here


Torre Mayor

Nearest at 0.04 kms.

Estela de Luz Monument

Nearest at 0.11 kms.

Gate of the Lions, Chapultepec

Nearest at 0.11 kms.

Torre Reforma

Nearest at 0.16 kms.


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